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On average our buyers get 1% buyer’s rebate from purchase price at closing. Typically if you buy a house for at least $300K, you get $3,000 cash back at closing. But we can rebate back to our clients even up to 2% if they’re more proactive and find the property through Open House on their own (read Q&A to find out how to proceed). We offer rebates to all our clients on sliding scale basis – the bigger the purchase price the bigger the rebate. The rebates are discussed individually with each client.


We offer 1% low listing commission for full-service seller’s representation. The service includes listing, marketing, open houses, showings, feedback, negotiations, transaction liaison, and coordination. It’s everything what other big name agencies traditionally offer for usual 2.5% – 3%. Doesn’t 1% look better to you than 2.5% – 3% you would have to pay at the closing to your listing broker? MLS also requires compensating the buyer’s broker avg. 2.5% regardless what agency you list your house with. Total you spend with us is 3.5% vs. 6% going with others.


“For Sale By Owners” properties we have the most competitive in NJ $299 flat fee service for 6 months. You get MLS and syndicated sites exposure, copies of legal documents, and an agent hosted Open House at your request. Your house will look like any other listing in the MLS listed at just a tiny fraction of standard commission saving you thousands and thousands of dollars once sold.


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